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Short term car insurance - which is the best policy for you?

The short, short term car insurance policy that's the best one to go for depends on how short you want it to be.

1-28 days temporary policies

If you need a short, VERY short, even shorter term policy - such as 1 single day - a conventional 1-28 day policy could be the one to go for. Advantages? They take a very short time to buy, you can have insurance in place within minutes, you can temporarily get comprehensive cover on a car whether you own it or not. Disadvantage? You can't extend the period of insurance. If you want more than 28 days' cover you have to wait 15 days after the current policy has expired before you can buy another one.

Pay as you go cover

If you need longer term insurance in excess of a month a pay-as-you-go policy may be suitable. This type of policy lasts for a month at a time and you can allow it to renew automatically at the end of each month or cancel it. Advantages? It's flexible, so if you need two, three, four months cover or if you don't know how long you want it to run for this flexibility could be useful. Disadvantages? Unlike a 1-28 day short period policy you can only use it for a car you own and not one you've borrowed. Like a conventional yearly insurance policy there is a comprehensive insurance proposal form to fill in, and you need to provide proof of any no claims discount you are claiming as well as your licence details within a week or so of buying the policy. Fail to do this - or accidentally (?) put down incorrect information at the start - and your policy may well be cancelled, which they are perfectly entitled to do under their terms and conditions and car insurers, as we all know, are not noted for their senses of humour. Also there is only one company we know of who issue these so there's not a lot of choice. Forget to cancel the policy when you've finished with it and it will go on renewing automatically until you do (not for ever, fortunately, there is a built-in 8 months limit) but you could end up paying for a lot of insurance that you didn't need. Still a lot better than a prosecution for driving without insurance, points on your driving licence or even a driving ban, a large fine and a car in the crusher of course.

As ever all these temporary policies have terms and conditions and they don't accept every driver, or every car, and the only way to be sure that you qualify is to get a quote.

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